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Industrial and electrical installations

We offer our customers high quality, professional and expert services including comprehensive assembly, cabling, electrical and pneumatic installations for industry, which are carried out by our certified team of employees in Slovakia and abroad.

Electrical installations and wiring services

Complex electrical installations and wiring services


We pay great attention to the expertise of our team to ensure 100% quality and reliability. We only work with qualified personnel. We carry out all types of electrical installations on robot lines and conveyor systems, wiring of industrial switchgear, installation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems and automation.

  We offer a wide portfolio of services. In addition, we also offer our customers personnel leasing - we provide our skilled workers also for your project. Many years of experience, projects and our professionalism guarantee successful cooperation.


Industrial and automation installations

We specialise in the assembly, disassembly and wiring of production lines, constructions, conveyors, robots, mobile workstations and test benches, industrial assembly of machinery, installation of equipment and components in various industries.

The number of satisfied customers and companies speaks for our professional and high-quality services.

Industrial and automation installations
Electrical installation

We also provide other services to our clients: 

  • Installation of technical equipment and components for the automotive, engineering, food and logistics industries
  • Installation of automated equipment 
  • Electrical installation, mechanical assembly, reconstruction of conveyor systems and industrial equipment
  • Implementation and installation of racking, warehousing and logistics systems
  • Installation of steel structures, workstations, robots
  • Wiring and installation of switchboards
  • Installation and wiring of safety equipment
  • Industrial assembly of machinery, assembly and disassembly of technical equipment 
  • Assembly and wiring of single-purpose machines, installation of hall lighting
  • Complete disassembly and relocation of industrial plants
  • Complex mechanical assembly
  • Locksmith services
  • Welding services (MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA)


Pneumatic services

  • Implementation and installation of pneumatic parts in industry 
  • Assembly, disassembly of grippers and tables
  • Assembly and disassembly of pneumatic components and devices
  • Assembly of pneumatic and hydraulic circuits
  • Assembly of pneumatic components (pneumatic + electro-pneumatic)


Pneumatic services


We offer our customers complete assembly services in various industries and in a scope that exactly meets your requirements and needs. 

  • Assembly and disassembly of fuse boxes

    Installation of new cabling
    Dismantling of old cabling
    Assembly and disassembly of cable trays and covers
    Assembly of steel structures, staircases and safety elements
    Assembly and dismantling of racking, warehouses and logistics systems
    Assembly and disassembly of constructions for photovoltaic systems including the installation 


Electrical installations for industry and automation

We carry out electrical installations of various kinds for all industrial buildings, halls and commercial premises. 

  • Electrical installation on switchboards, conveyor systems, assembly and production lines and in technological plants
    Installation of automated robots and systems Installation and repair of industrial low- and high-voltage systems
    Installation of fibre optic cables in automation technology
    Installation of measurement and control technology
    Installation of electrical fire alarm systems


Electrical installations for industry and automation
Electrical installations in flats and houses

Electrical installations in flats and houses

In addition to industrial cabling, our focus is on complete electrical installation services in houses and flats, hotels and multifunctional buildings.

  • Complete installation of telecommunication and television cabling
    Installation of electronic security systems
    Installation of electrical fire alarm systems and lightning protection systems
    Installation of lighting, switchboards and electrical connections
    Reconstruction and repair of wiring systems



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